Boardwalks, fishing docks, and viewing platforms have been around for many years. In the last decade or so, helical piles have become the foundation of choice to support these structures. There are many benefits to utilizing helical piles since most boardwalks are designed to go through marsh lands, sloughs, difficult terrain, or sensitive soils.

Why Helical Piers Are The Best Choice For Boardwalks

Because helical piles can be installed with very small machinery, the installation of helical piles has very little effect on the environment. In some areas the boardwalk may need to be constructed by installing the first set of piles, then building the boardwalk section, and then placing the machinery onto the boardwalk to install the next set of piles. This sequence will repeat itself until the boardwalk platform is completed.

Questions To Ask When Designing A Boardwalk

When planning a boardwalk, several critical questions arise:

  • Load Capacity vs. Economic Viability: Can the required load capacity be achieved without resorting to large diameter piles that might render the project financially impractical?
  • Soil Type and Depth: What are the challenges presented by the soil type? How deep must the piles reach to find stable soil, and what does this imply for the unbraced length of the piles?
  • Structural Requirements: Depending on the unbraced length, will larger diameter piles be necessary? Is there a need for cross bracing, or for longitudinal and transverse battered piles to ensure stability?

Why Choose MHS For Boardwalk Design

Our expertise in helical pile technology makes us the ideal partner for designing and implementing efficient and cost-effective foundations for walkways, boardwalks, docks, and viewing platforms. At MHS, we combine technical know-how with a commitment to environmental stewardship, ensuring that your project not only meets structural requirements but also aligns with ecological sensitivities. Contact our team today to get started on your next project or to learn how you can offer helical pile solutions for your customers.